Photography by: Stephen Simons

Life is not about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.


Passionate about clean eating, good living and feeling your absolute best each day. Wellness warrior and firm believer that food is medicine. Life-long fitness addict.

Alison’s interest in fitness began at a young age with gymnastics and ballet, then transformed into team sports in high school and college. Alison attended the University of San Diego, where she studied Accounting and French. After obtaining her Master’s in Accounting and Financial Management, she joined the workforce at a Big 4 public accounting firm.

Once she began working, Alison was quickly consumed by the busy corporate lifestyle and it began to take its toll. She wasn’t able to spend as much time on clean eating and physical activity. As a result, her health suffered. While working a demanding corporate job, exercise became Alison’s sanctuary from the chaos and stress of the financial consulting world.

Alison was searching for a workout that would provide the perfect combination of effectiveness and efficiency. She eventually found Lagree Fitness, which gave her the motivation to reconnect with her true passion. Alison is now a certified Lagree Fitness instructor in Los Angeles. Alison is excited about sharing her active lifestyle and clean eating knowledge with as many people as possible.