Adventure: Desert Retreat, Joshua Tree

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Adventure in JOY

The JOY spreading trio of Christine, Patti and Kelsey took a group to Desert Hot Springs, CA for some rest, relaxation and rejuvenation. These three ladies were brought together by their love for meditation and Reiki to create the wellness and healing studio, Pause in Joy (PIJ). At the PIJ center back in Los Angeles, the ladies host weekly events ranging from Reiki and EFT to dance and yoga to chakra and tantra workshops. I regularly join them for Reiki sessions lead by Patti, and have had several one on one energy healing sessions with Christine.

We drove out to the desert on a friday afternoon in late March, arriving in time to lounge by the pool and settle in before our first yoga session. The outdoor pool was heated to a comfortable 85 degrees and was filled with mineral spring water (meaning no toxic chlorine, yay). Patti lead us in an outdoor yoga class on the property just as the sun was setting. As we began the practice under the desert sky we watched it turn from blue to purple. As we ended the practice the stars were out in full force, grounding us even further into our Savasanas. After dinner, we gathered in the indoor hot tub / spa room for a deeper meditation with the relaxing sounds of Beth’s signing bowls. Not only were we relaxing in a hot mineral pool, we were also meditating and soaking in a healing sound bath. If you’ve never experienced a sound bath, I highly recommend it! The healing frequencies of crystal and Tibetan signing bowls, along with drums and beautiful vocals, recharge and rejuvenate your mind. As explained by PIJ: “Sound therapy in a communal setting is an effortless way to access vital theta brain waves that help boost immune function, regulate heartbeat, increase endorphin levels and foster creativity.”

First thing saturday morning we enjoyed another yoga class, followed by an alkaline breakfast of green smoothies and the like. Most meals were provided by the PIJ team, who made a stop at the Pasadena farmer’s market to ensure that our food was fresh, organic, and locally sourced. The meals were prepared following the guidelines and principles of the Clean Program and the Arise and Shine cleanse. The dishes were prepared with love and were vegetarian and vegan friendly. We ventured out to the Joshua Tree National Park on Saturday after breakfast. Although it was a little bit of a drive, once we reached the gates of the National Park, we realized it was well worth the trek! Getting out into the middle of nature, and really truly being away from it all has a powerful effect. We hiked up to the top of Ryan Mountain, a 5,000 foot summit. Once at the top we took in the beauty and awe of our surroundings, did some meditation, had some snacks, took lots of pics, then headed back down for a late lunch.

IMG_9689 IMG_9698 IMG_9700 IMG_9702 IMG_9704IMG_9701

After exploring Joshua Tree National Park, we had a late lunch and headed back to our resort for some relaxation poolside. We had a masseuse come to the property and some people booked massages. We had another evening yoga session with mediation. The PIJ ladies cooked a lovely meal, which we enjoyed with some wine, chocolate, great company, live music, energetic desert winds, and fun stories.

Sunday morning kicked off with a morning yoga and meditation session. We relaxed by the pool again and had another healthy and clean breakfast and lunch. After lunch we lounged by the pool and then headed into the indoor hot mineral pool dome for another sound bath.

IMG_9753 IMG_9754 IMG_9755

The Wrap Up

Food: Clean, fresh, organic, alkaline based home cooked meals, mostly vegan/vegetarian. BBQ, grills and full kitchen on site. Organic hot teas and coffee provided all day everyday. Local healthy restaurants nearby if needed.

Activities: 4 yoga classes on property, 1 pure joy ecstatic dance class, Hike in Joshua Tree National Forrest, excursion to the Integratron for a healing sound bath session, meditations, 2 hot springs sound baths on property

Resort: Peaceful and nourishing, quiet and relaxing. The whole resort was rented out for our private group, so we had plenty of space and made it feel like home. Each person has their own room with full bathroom and small kitchen. Larger kitchens are on property as well. Casual environment. Outdoor fitness/yoga space, outdoor heated mineral pool, indoor hot mineral pool, and plenty of little nooks and crannies to lounge in.


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