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Wineries, Tastings & Tours   Always wanted to sip your favorite wine fresh from the barrel, right at the source?  Taking a trip to the CA wine country but not sure where to start? These wineries are my go-to favorite spots in my home town of Napa Valley. There’s something in here for everyone – from high end appointment only tours and boutique cult cabs, to free tastings and gondola rides. After years of hosting friend and family visits, I’ve come up with…

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The Clean Program   Cleansing and detox has never looked (or felt) so good. Yep, there’s that word, I said cleanse … but forget everything you’ve heard about “cleansing.” This is an easy to follow program because you make and eat real food, so you won’t be hungry or deprived.  You won’t feel the crash and burn, weakness or rebounds that can happen with more intense cleanses like juice cleanses or the master cleanse. Expect long term results, not a quick fix. The program…

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Lagree Fitness + The Megaformer   In January of 2011 I stumbled upon Pilates Plus West Hollywood. It was only a few blocks from my house and the studio was having a new member special. I had been on a pilates kick after getting bored of my gym routine and was trying out a bunch of the pilates studios in my area. After just a 40 minute workout on a machine called the Megaformer, I could barely move. How could such…

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Erewhon Market   Erewhon makes the health and wellbeing of their customer top priority. They sell only clean and pure foods and products, ethically and sustainably produced, direct from the earth – so it’s both good for you and good for the planet. Erewhon is committed to bringing local and organic produce from farm to table for customers and to setting the standard for the highest quality ingredients possible. The thousands of high quality items in the store come from…

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