Photography by: Stephen Simons

Those who fail to take the time to be healthy will ultimately have to take the time to be sick


In my pursuit of unearthing the best of the best in health, fitness and wellness, I’ve come across some pretty great stuff. Finding the highest quality products, restaurants, workouts, etc. took a few years, a few dollars, and lots of trial and error. The more I share these discoveries with friends and clients, the more they want to know.

I’ve searched high and low for products, restaurants, food, workouts, resorts, spas, destinations, pilates classes, yoga instructors, retreats, health food stores, juice shops and much more. I put together this ever-growing list in the hopes of helping you get straight to the best (and avoid the rest).

My recommendations are broken out into the four categories above: EAT, LIVE, MOVE, HEAL. This is where I give product love, and support companies that are truly doing good for the health of their customers.