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The Clean Program


Cleansing and detox has never looked (or felt) so good. Yep, there’s that word, I said cleanse … but forget everything you’ve heard about “cleansing.” This is an easy to follow program because you make and eat real food, so you won’t be hungry or deprived.  You won’t feel the crash and burn, weakness or rebounds that can happen with more intense cleanses like juice cleanses or the master cleanse. Expect long term results, not a quick fix.

The program was designed to restore the body’s natural ability to heal itself. What that meant for me was that I had the power to heal myself naturally, at home in my kitchen, without having to use expensive and toxic prescription drugs. I was suffering from digestive issues that would land me in the ER from time to time. None of the hospitals, doctors, or specialists I saw had any sort of explanation for my symptoms, so they all prescribed different drugs in hopes of stumbling upon some sort of solution. After years of struggling and only getting worse, I started looking into functional medicine. I knew there was something going on deeper inside of me that wasn’t going to be “cured” with a magic (and expensive) pill.

The program was developed by an M.D. named  Allejandro Junger. He had struggled with health issues himself, which he resolved through nutrition and functional medicine. He approaches medicine with the intent to heal and cure, rather than mask symptoms. How do we heal and cure? — by getting to the root cause of the disease. Dr Junger explains his approach here.

I found CLEAN in March of 2011 and did the 21 day program with 3 friends. The four of us all had different but amazing results including increased energy, better sleep, much better digestion, weight loss, fewer aches and pains, less stomach discomfort, and we all just felt more comfortable in our skin day to day. Two of us continued to eat according to the Elimination Diet for several months following the initial cleanse protocol – meaning we stayed away from our toxic food triggers that we identified while on the cleanse (e.g. dairy, soy, gluten, etc.). My digestive health improved immensely, and I have not had even one of those horrible stomach ache episodes since. The Clean Program changed my eating habits for good, and I couldn’t be more grateful!

Bonus: The Clean Team is so passionate about helping people with their health, that they offer an outstanding level of customer service and customer support!

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  • Uncle Dan says:

    Ali, I believe that the majority of my health issues are directly related to digestive issues. I have nothing to lose by following what you have done, except a bunch of lard!!!

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