Photography by: Stephen Simons

“Alison has played an incredible role in both my physical and mental transformation.  I first experienced her group class at Pilates Pilates in West Hollywood and she quickly became my favorite instructor.  She is kind, compassionate and patient but also tough and kicks my booty into gear when needed.  She has a vast knowledge of Lagree Pilates (movement, the physical body, muscles etc.) and fitness in general. Alison is also an awesome resource for healthy recipes. Every time I train with her she has something new to tell me about – from spaghetti squash to smoothies to healthy home made bars – her recipes are healthy and delicious! I want to thank Alison for getting me into shape on so many levels!! I have seen changes in my levels of physical strength and my outlook on fitness and health.  Working with Alison is HARD work – but it is so crazy rewarding!”

-Christine M

“Anyone who is truly serious about their fitness and wants to live a healthy lifestyle needs to try Alison’s class – otherwise you are really doing yourself a disservice.  Her classes certainly present a physical and mental challenge, but she is a fantastic teacher and I learned very quickly from her even as a beginner with no megaformer experience.  Previously, I was staying in shape by lifting weights and playing basketball and volleyball – but I didn’t see substantial results in my fitness level until taking Alison’s class.  I now attend at least once a week and at age 33 feel like I am in the best shape of my life.  Whether you are out of shape and looking to lose weight, or in great condition and excited about a new challenge – I can’t recommend Alison’s class enough – I promise it will be well worth your time.”

-Ari L

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