An intimate gathering and conversation at a private residence to discuss the need for us to define how and when to call out bad behavior and show leadership against triggering and intolerable behavior.

Our hosts for the conversation have varied perspectives to share:

Tia is an activist who currently works as a strategist and advisor with Revolve Impact.  She was a leader in ‘calling out’ the Democratic presidential nominees to more directly address Black Lives and the #BLM movement (standing up during a Bernie rally) during the 2016 campaign.  This action led to major changes in the talking points of the Democratic candidates.

Richie is an activist and artist leading Question Culture and Initiate Justice.  He was formerly incarcerated and is the subject of the CNN Documentary ‘The Feminist on Cellblock Y’ thanks to his work addressing patriarchy amongst his peers while in Prison.  He also helps incarcerated musicians produce their work and advocates for inmates and their families through policy reform at Initiate Justice.

Alison is a community organizer who works at the intersection of feminism, finance and wellness.  She has had her hands in numerous wellness events throughout LA and beyond and is a leader of Women in Crypto, she’s also had plenty of personal experience with toxic masculinity and facing the challenge of calling it out head on.

Ethan is the creator of @post-patriarchy, an IG experiment asking folks to vision board what a post patriarchal future may be.  Ethan is the host of Love Extremist Radio, a Podcast seeking to explore various definitions of love through storytelling and conversations with visionary thinkers, artists, activists, leaders and explorers.

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