Serenflipity Saturday is a monthly brunch adventure series, designed to stretch you out of your comfort zone, infuse life with fresh ideas and build a community of people who champion living a little differently. Tickets include a healthy, family-style brunch, prepared by one of our favorite local chefs, as well as exciting experiences with friends and strangers.

During our time together, we’ll:

  • Catch up over snacks and drinks with other curious folks
  • Get out of our comfort zones with a curated 30 minute adventure experience, designed to help us see the world and ourselves in a new way
  • Return back to share stories over a delicious, healthy, family-style brunch, prepared by a favorite, local chef

Space is limited to 30 participants, to ensure a cozy and connected environment. Location will be announced a week before the event.

Event Details: SerenFlipity Saturday
Date: Saturday 4.29
Time: 11am to 130pm
Location: Safe House (160 14th Street)
Tickets: EventBrite

Nothing beats real human connection.

We believe it’s okay to need motivation to take risks.
That facing fears can be fun, and that one change can inspire another — and other people.

So we built a game to help you get out of your comfort zone — to make it fun and easy to see what happens when you do things differently.

These 30 adventure cards will connect you in crazy new ways — maybe you’ll ask a rockstar for a mantra, uncover the secret to love, or simply make a stranger’s day.

We’ve brought Serenflipity cards to life with a brunch adventure series that makes it fun and easy to get out of your comfort zone, connect with amazing people, and kickstart your creativity.

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