The WomenOfCrypto organization is heading to Puerto Rico for the inaugural Blockchain Unbound Conference, hosted by Blockchain Industries. The BUPR conference is a 3 day event from Weds 3/14 – Fri 3/16 held at the Vanderbilt Condado.

Our WoC event is being held in partnership with Blockchain Industries just across the street from the main conference location.

This is a gathering for women only, to provide them with the the access, knowledge, and connections needed to facilitate their involvement in the crypto market. The #WomenOfCrypto movement encourages the inclusion of more women in blockchain, crypto, and ICO conversations and opportunities. We are the catalyst for putting women at the forefront of these opportunities.

Please RSVP here to ensure your name is on the list

Event Details:

Title : WomenOfCrypto : rooftop conversations

Date : Friday 3/16

Time : 12:30pm – 2pm

Location : Sage Steak Loft Rooftop [across the street from the Vanderbilt]

Hosts : Emily Bush + Alison Burger + Leslie Scofield

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